Read With Me : Parent – Child Literacy Groups

YCDSB Speech and Language Services
Read With Me:  Parent-Child Literacy Groups

This exciting VIRTUAL PROGRAM will use evidence-informed strategies and programming to target improvements in participants’ entry-level literacy skills while empowering parents/caregivers with knowledge of how they can further support their child’s literacy development at home. This program is FREE for eligible YCDSB students.

Who Should Participate?
This program is appropriate for YCDSB students currently in Grades 1, 2, or 3 who present with challenges developing age-appropriate reading skills due to identified needs in the areas listed below.  As this is a parent-child program, a parent or designated caregiver must participate in all sessions.

Which Learning Goals will the Program Address?
This program will target some of the key foundational skills required for reading such as sound awareness knowledge and the ability to sound out words.  This program will not focus on sight words or reading comprehension.

The specific learning goals targeted in each individual program group will be determined according to the common strengths and needs of the participants in that group. While each group may not address all areas listed, lessons about the following topics will be the focus of this program:

  • Letter Identification & letter-sound knowledge
  • Phonological awareness skills (e.g., syllable awareness, and sound identification, sound segmenting/blending, etc)
  • Decoding skills (i.e., sounding out words)

How Will Students be Grouped?
This program will be offered to small groups of students & their parents/guardians who will interact with one another and a member of the YCDSB Speech and Language Services staff via YCDSB Google Classroom.

Eligibility will be determined through participation in a mandatory pre-program inventory/screening.  Students who demonstrate needs in the above areas will be deemed eligible and will be offered the opportunity to participate in a program time slot with peers of the same age who present with similar strengths/needs.

Please note that this program can accommodate a total of approximately 135 students (45 students per session).  While we will endeavor to place all registrants, space may be limited.  Where space is limited, preference will be given according to the registration date/time.

What is Pre-program Inventory/Screening?
Registrants will be contacted by YCDSB Speech & Language Services Staff to schedule time to complete an inventory/screening in order to determine if they would benefit from work on the areas addressed in this program.  Students who are determined would benefit from the learning goals targeted in the program will be deemed eligible. Eligible students will then be offered placement in the most appropriate intervention group.

When Will the Groups Meet?
Groups will meet on Wednesday afternoons/evenings for eight, thirty minute lessons.  We will offer three, eight-week sessions of this program as follows:

Session One:  October 26th – December 14th, 2022

Session Two:  February 1st – March 29th, 2023

Session Three:  April 26th – June 14th, 2023

Parents will be offered the opportunity to indicate preference of session and program time upon registration. While we will endeavor to honour preferences, placement in preferred sessions/times is not guaranteed.

Anything Else I Should Know?
This is a virtual program meaning it will be provided to small groups of YCDSB students using YCDSB Google platforms (i.e., YCDSB Google Classroom & Google Meet).  Participants will be required to enable the use of video and audio so everyone can be seen and heard by others during the sessions.  While YCDSB takes all possible precautions to safeguard your privacy, there are certain unavoidable risks associated with the use of technology for this purpose.  Before registering an interest in this program, please review  YCDSB  Telepractice Information.

How Can I Register?
You are invited to indicate an interest in participating by completing the application form via Request for Registration:  Parent-Child Literacy Intervention Groups.  Kindly note that the registration link will close when the program reaches capacity.  


Feel free to contact Catherine Booth, Supervisor of Speech and Language Services at with any questions.