Catholic School Council

Father Henri Nouwen’s Catholic School Council are hard-working individuals who dedicate their time organizing and planning school events to bring the community together. To increase academic success, year after year, their fundraising efforts ensure our school is equipped with a growing number of technological devices for student use.

Volunteers for our Catholic School Council events are needed and much appreciated! If you would like to donate some time, please let us know.


Congratulations to the following parents who make up CSC for this school year.

  • Sandra DeMaria, Co-Chair
  • Maria D’Elia, Co-Chair
  • Maria Lucci, Secretary
  • Joan Martel, Treasurer
  • Maria Pisani
  • Patricia Ramunno
  • Liliana Mastrogiuseppe
  • Peter Tsasis
  • Jerry Scaini
  • Bernadette Falzon
  • Lisa Balsamo
  • Amy Ferguson-Anstice
  • Angela Niro
  • Lucy Mattucci, Staff
  • Rose Perfetti, Staff
  • Maria Zak, Principal